Free to join, Go for Pro.

A simple payment play you can follow, free to join the community with the option to level up in the Pro plan for $9.99.

We offer Two Options: Free and Pro.
Pro plan includes monthly calls, guided mentorship, and tools to help you succeed.


The community is here to help you achieve your goals.
Connect you with other goal setters on their journey
Weekly stand up
Providing useful education and resources to help you
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9.99 /mo
The Pro plan provides tailored guidance.
Everything in the free plan
1:1 call with team members
Monthly group sessions
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A group of like minded people to help you be accountable for your goals


Weekly standup help you track with your progress


The right mindset when you meet challenges


Technology that help you along the way

Got a question about our pricing model? Here you can find some of the questions and answers.

Why join this community?

This community let you follow and learn from other like-minded professionals.

How does it work? 

Free to join, pay for the pro plan when ready.

Why a weekly standup? 

Accountability is one of the key in reminding us about our why's.

Why make us pay? 

So we can continue to improve the service and bring more value to you.

Party On

Let's get started. Ready? let's go!